Design for Roots & Wings

Designboost 2009: Jag valde att förmedla det jag vill ge mina barn, och mina ‘produktbarn’ – rötter & vingar – om att ge produkterna en stabil, naturlig och självklar identitet som förmedlar trygghet. Här mitt anförande:

I am a father, this is my son Pontus.
For life, there are two things I want to give my children – Roots & Wings

Roots, like loving people around them, friends, a stable little world, a little world that they will call theirs, will call home, that they will have emotions to all their lives (even though they probably will fly out of it)

Wings, abilities, knowledge, experiences, support the awareness that everything is possible

I am a father, not only to my children, but also to my products
For their product Life, I want to give Roots & Wings to my products.

I am a ‘local’, from here. My talk will be about the value of ‘local’, of roots. Also the roots of objects, and about how these objects can give us stability and energy (foundation for Life) just like the roots of a tree.

The pace of the world keep being higher. We need to find ways of relating to the speed, filtering, places to slow down and reload. And I think we need a connection to our roots – the familiar, stable, and if we follow our roots back, also the natural.

Furniture Roots, like natural, local materials (with smell, tactile feeling, looks), like local manufacturing, like local shapes (Scandinavian to Green Furniture Sweden). I think this gives stability and can be a source for reloading, and together with a natural (ecological) and fair process it gives a good stomach feeling having the furniture around

Roots, in this way, or in your way, form a solid ground to products that provide wellbeing

Adding wings – abilities, functions, smart, humour, and voilà – you have a living product!”

And here my Green Furniture, and their roots and wings:

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