We use TRIZ as a way to solve tricky problems in our projects. We always see better results from a well executed TRIZ analysis as compared to other, more conventional, approaches.

TRIZ is a set of problem-solving/creativity methods which were developed on a foundation of extensive research covering hundreds of thousands of inventions across many different fields.

An introduction to TRIZ can be found here:

A quick and easy-to-learn method is the ”9 windows” technique. See:

TRIZ effects database can be found here:

”40 principles” is a part of TRIZ which is fairly easy to learn and apply (but not always as powerful as the other tools). See

For advanced TRIZ work we rely on ”ARIZ” which contains sub-methods like ”Conflict diagrams”, and ”Substance-Field”-analysis. However, these methods take some time to learn and master.

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You can also call Erik Sparre or Krister Uvnäs.

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